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Version 2.7.1 was released on 17th January 1997, and is a fair illustration of the development process used by Ben Harrison - release early, release often - with this release coming just a week after 2.7.0. It incorporated more internal code cleanup, bugfixes from the first release, and (obviously) more bugs caused by the rewriting work. 2.7.4 was the first version Ben considered a "stable beta" rather than just beta.

Changelist [*1]

   Rewrote the "term.c" code to be more efficient, and generic
   Improved the "cannot make cursor invisible" case for "curses"
   Rewrote the "torch-lite" code (improved efficiency, plus color)
   Rewrote the "room lighting" code to fix some ancient bugs.
   Fixed a typo in "ego_names" (affected "backbiting" and "morgul")
   Fixed the "unstacking" code to prevent "weight gain"
   Fixed the "stacking" code to allow "arrows of fire"
   Rewrote the "treasure drop recall" code (again)
   Fixed the "no experience for new spells" bug
   Fixed the "really slow regeneration" bug
   Added some stuff to "signals.c" to make it compile
   Made the "floating recall window" generic, and disable-able
   Prepared for the "floating choices window" to be added later
   Added some "visual options" like "hilite player" and "torch lite"
   Improved/Fixed the "item creator" in "wizard.c"
   Added options to prevent being "disturbed" by distant monsters
   Split "spells.c" back into "spells1.c" and "spells2.c".
   Let "tables.c" and "variables.c" absorb "player.c"
   Removed the "stat damage" code from fire/cold/etc.
   Improved "artifact" code, fixed the "Artifact 'Ringil'" message
   Made "your armor is damaged" block "your skin is damaged"
   Note that now "your armor resists!" will protect you from damage
   Simplified the "aware"/"known" conditions for objects.
   Note that buying an item from the store fully identifies it.
   Fixed a "bug" where "genocide" can be listed before other spells.
   Taught rods to "auto-restack" as they recharge. Kind of annoying.
   Removed more chunks of the code, some obsolete, some broken.
   Indented extra pieces of "wrapped" messages (untested).
   Converted more spells to "project()" hooks, fixed "beams of lite"
   Removed "The kobold is hit." message during "call light".
   Taught "trappers" and such to "look" like whatever they are on.
   Took "random.c" out of the Makefile for Unix.
   Cleaned up some "compiler" problems.

[*1]: The changelist has been pieced together from newsgroup postings around the time of release - it is unlikely to be complete and may not be accurate.