Angband 2.7.7

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Version 2.7.7 was released around 23rd June 1995, as a beta-testing release for a number of major internal changes. Even more changes were being contemplated for this release, such as the ability to store money in the home, monsters that never attack the player and damage to wielded equipment as well as inventory items.

Changelist [*1]

   Monster flags rewrite, including new abilities such as "MOVE_BODY" to push past other less powerful monsters
   Artifacts can be given minimum depth for generation
   Online help browser improved and a some new help files included
   Monster intelligence rewritten to be smaller and more efficient
   Player ghosts removed
   Possibility of retrieving items stolen by monsters, monsters gaining the ability to crush items as well as pick them up
   Some monsters that could previously bash doors cannot any more

[*1]: The changelist has been pieced together from newsgroup postings around the time of release - it is unlikely to be complete and may not be accurate.