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Version 3.0.2 was released on 20th December 2002 by Robert Rühlmann, and once again incorporated patches and cleanups from a number of people in addition to Robert's own improvements.

This release saw more improvements to the Lua scripting interface, with scripts able to be called when a variety of events happened as well as to handle spells and effects. There were also a number of UI and platform-specific improvements such as increased support for different graphical tilesets.

As well as other small gameplay tweaks, the spells "Genocide" and "Mass Genocide" were renamed after some players said they were uncomfortable with the words being used in a game because of the associations with real-life horrors. While there was much disagreement, Robert changed the names to "Banishment" and "Mass Banishment", which incidentally are also more descriptive of the actual actions of the spells.


   Limited the maximum size of floor stacks to 23, so that get_item() can always display a list containing all objects.
   Renamed 'genocide' to 'banishment' and 'mass genocide' to 'mass banishment' since that name fits much better to the effect. The priest's 'banishment' spell has been renamed to 'banish evil' to avoid confusion and since that is what it actually does.
   Replaced silver arrows and bolts with mithril ammo since slay evil was too powerful.
   Changed the color of seeker bolts to green since there are so many 'light blue' ammo objects now.
   'Golden staves' had the wrong color. (John I'anson-Holton)
   Improved indentation of the object descriptions in the character dump. (Anna Sidwell)
   Destruction/Earthquake spells didn't properly destroy stacks of objects. After saving and loading the game, parts of the stacks were restored. (reported by Matthias Kurzke)
   Zapping a stack of recharging rods would instantly recharge all but one of them. (Tormod Haugen)
   Fixed an error in the LCC Makefile.
   Fixed an off-by-one error that prevented savefiles with the maximum number of monsters or objects from loading correctly. (Takeshi Mogami)
   Fixed an abuse that allowed the player to kill a monster with a ball spell by staying out of sight and detection range of the monster while the monster just patiently waited without ever getting a turn (reported by Tormod Haugen). Wounded monsters will now always get their turn, even when out of range.
   The Elfstone 'Elessar' and the Jewel 'Evenstar' have the INSTA_ART flag now to make the APW-Borg happy.
   Amulets of resistance are now fully known after identifying one for the first time. (Dr. Andrew White)
   The option for flushing of pending input when failing to cast a spell didn't work.
   Fixed several bugs in the scorefile handling that could lead to duplicated entries for a single character. (reported by Hallvard Furuseth and Mauro Scarpa)
   Unified the code for object infos and artifact spoilers. (Anna Sidwell)
   Added event-handler code to call Lua functions when things happen in the game.
   Allow multiple Lua event handlers per event.
   Moved the generation of the player's fixed starting equipment (food and torches) to a Lua event handler.
   Which objects a store will buy and sell is now determined by a Lua script.
   Added various improvements to make finding errors in Lua code easier.
   The lib/edit/*.txt files can now optionally contain the names of the default object, monster, terrain, and flavor colors instead of just a character specifying the Angband color code.
   Changed the format of the flavor.txt file to make parsing easier.
   Allow the use of the Angband version number in conditional statements of the *.prf file format.
   Added Takeshi Mogami's bigtile patch that allows tile-graphics to have doubled width.
   Added support for David Gervais' 32x32 tileset to the Windows, X11, and XAW ports. The tiles are available as a separate download from: (Takeshi Mogami)
   Improved the error message when a font can't be loaded in the X11 and XPJ frontends.
   Fixed a memory leak when switching between the various tilesets in the Windows version.