Angband 3.0.3

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Version 3.0.3 was released on 26th January 2003 by Robert Rühlmann, and fixed a few niggly bugs.


   Reduced the size of the 32x32 tiles bitmap. The smaller bitmap should fix the problem on older Windows versions (Windows 95 and 98) with restrictions of the maximal bitmap size . The tiles are available as a separate download from:
   Fixed a bug in the text-output routines used for character dumps that sometimes introduced bogus output. (reported by Pasi Vartiainen)
   Fixed a wrong entry in the template for the X11 startup shell script. ("Mynstral")
   Fixed the display of *slays* in character dumps. (Matthias Kurzke)
   The "It might have hidden powers." message will now displayed in the character dumps. This makes it easier to see if an artifact or ego-item with random abilities has already been *identified*.
   Curses on unidentified items are no longer revealed in character dumps or in the output of the 'Inspect' command.
   Fixed a typo - "intellegence". (Greg Stark)
   Updated the DOS version to compile with the latest version of the Allegro library.