Angband 3.4.1

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Angband 3.4.1 was released on 20th October 2012 as a minor bugfix release to 3.4.0 (released only a month earlier).


   Fixes for bugs in the Cocoa (OS X) port introduced in 3.4.0 (fix crash bugs and enable mouse support)
   Seperate dragon scale mail from normal armour in the squelch menus.
   Fix pickup when squelched and unsquelched items are present (bug #1690)
   Fix pref-parsing bug (thanks AnonymousHero) (bug #1683)
   Fix mis-grouping of known and fuzzy-detected items in item list (bug #1687)
   Don't leak information in the item reclal window
   Fix Shockbolt tile loading in SDL