Angband 4.0.3

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Version 4.0.3 had yet more bugfixes, another slew of template rooms and a new facility to shorten the dungeon by making stairs go up or down multiple levels.


   Add stair-skip constant, making stairs go up or down that number of levels
   Another 200 room templates (for a total of 500)
   A number of code improvements, mainly from PowerWyrm
   Shorten inventory prompt, put overweight info in character screen


   Correct OOD boost for object feelings
   Really fix lack of artifacts this time
   Make RNexus prevent hostile teleport level
   Stop crash from summoning traps
   Improve object ID from ball spells
   Stop game hanging on empty quiver
   Stop crash during inventory item damage by elements
   Stop auto-ignore from cancelling monster detection
   Make sure all changes to equipment are counted
   Correct monster energy and turn order, stopping double moves by slower monsters
   Correct food descriptions
   Improve quitting in OS X