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Version 1.2 of PCAngband was released on 20th May 1993. It was one of a series of releases for the PC made by Charles Teague based on his port of Frog-knows, and the first to contain new features and improvements beyond simple bugfixes. All the features added in this release eventually made their way into the "main" game.



   The look command has been improved to give some idea of how hurt a monster is, with five levels ranging from unhurt to almost dead (with equivalents for unliving monsters).
   A rod of Trap Detection has been added to make warriors more playable.
   An autoroller has been added, adapted from another Moria spinoff, Druid Moria.
   High score display colorized to highlight your score.
   You can now write out your character description to a file from the tombstone screen
   Enlightenment potions now provide self-knowledge as well as their other powers.


   Wizard mode characters no longer included in the highscore table.
   Deletion from the highscore table now works properly.
   Summoned group monsters are all lit properly
   No need to use 'g' key to enter a shop
   Quest code fixed so that killing a quest monster (Sauron) out of depth still completes the quest
   No trap doors on (uncompleted) quest levels
   Arkenstone will not be harmed by silver jellies
   Curse Weapon and Curse Armor scrolls fixed