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2.5.3 was released on 10th January 1994, as part of Charles Swiger's quickfire 2.5 series of releases. This was the first release Charles considered stable, rather than beta-quality.



   Improved on the line of sight/in_bounds code to make it faster.
   Tweaked the recall monster code some.
   Added support for HPUX thanks to Chris Ang.
   Sped up the code some (by macroizing some stuff).
   Switched description of "the Ring of Power" to "the One Ring".
   Added support for Ultrix thanks to Eugene Hung.
   Moved the gender code into the creaturelist array and reordered the descriptions so that desclist[i] = c_list[i], this was a pain, but I caught a few more inconsistencies doing so.
   Anduril is now "The Longsword 'Anduril'", thanks J.Kewley.
   Added an option "plain_descriptions" so that items will be displayed without their 'flavor' if that's what the user prefers.
   Modified object creation so that it makes objects at the average of the dun_level and the creature's level.
   Added flag for haggling rather than a compile-time define.
   Touched up a few artifacts (Beleg C. -> Belthronding), Sting vs. Weapon of Westernesse, made artifacts display a little more info (searching, infra)
   Moved Master Mystics to dun_level 50.
   Redid some of the object description code to give more informative messages and to avoid some braindamage.
   Added option to display weight for equipment list (separate from inven list) because new descriptions can be longer and will overrun the available space.
   Made monsters resist damage from weapons a little better.
   Large kobolds resist poison too.
   Made pits not activate the "special" message but vaults will.
   Improved HPUX support (thanks to Chris Ang)


   Fixed a typo giving Bladeturner +305 to AC (thanks DGK).
   Fixed some code that fails on K&R compilers, and reorganized the static prototypes so they'll do some good for non-ANSI compilers.
   Fixed 'screen too small for Moria' message to read 'Angband'.
   Turned down the delays a little.
   Worked around the 'infamous monster heal bug', when restoring savefiles.
   Fixed a few more monster descriptions (made worm mass descriptions consistent).
   Fixed 'Set of Cestus' to 'Set of Cesti'.
   Re-indented the whole set of source code; use 4-2 indenting & a 90 col editor re-indentation has revealed some questionable syntax RE: '=&' vs '= &' which may have caused some subtle bugs.
   Fixed monsters running away due to '= -' versus '-='.
   Fixed up some of the library files.
   Fixed some bugs in the util.c for supporting microsleep on those machines that need it.
   Fixed possibly letting character go up and down stairs first 100 turns and get feelings each time.
   Made see invisible never auto-detect, as this is not worth fixing right.
   Fixed keypad wizard commands (made 'em the save as the rogue wizard commands).
   Fixed a few more '= -' expressions.
   Fixed a bug in the wizard level identify code.
   Fixed Makefile bug ".o.c" versus ".c.o".
   Fixed unique deaths not being recalled if you can't see them when they die.
   Patched a few more non-ANSI-compiler problems, & min/max.
   Fixed teleporting leaving lighted area with wide-area light.
   Fixed a possible lighting bug (casting light spell with light item), and made unlighting a little more impressive.
   Fixed overlong inscriptions (thanks
   Fixed minor misspellings.
   Tried to fix up some minor lighting errors; also touched up a monster or two.
   Fixed object descriptions displaying the p1 value inappropriately (+x).
   Removed LINT_ARG define so that we always get function prototypes.
   Tweaked the Makefile some more (make clean does better now).
   Removed need for -fwritable-strings [TL].
   Added const char * declarations all over the place (very painful); note that the player ghost violate the const char * of the monster list.
   Fixed fleeing monsters trying to run through doors.
   Made wide-area light light up "knight-move" (L's) squares.
   Error in "if (tptr->name2 = SNATTACKS)" fixed (BIG thanks to