Angband 2.5.6

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2.5.6 was released on 30th March 1994, as part of Charles Swiger's quickfire 2.5 series of releases. This was the beta-testing release for 2.5.7.


   Added targeting ala the PC version [ch, ty]
   Added '|' char which lets the player check the unique monsters killed
   Added quick messages option
   Attacks that destroy items choose which item more randomly
   Reincorporate making savefiles endian independant (this got lost somehow) [ty]
   Updated the documentation and library files
   Incorporated patches for Linux (thanks to Peter [pb])
   Improved HPUX support again [cba]
   Added 'realclean' makefile target that deletes the executable in the current dir
   That bloody store price bug has probably been squashed
   Rewrote the screen too small message (again)
   Fixed taking off cursed items/error in objdes() bug [dbd]
   Fixed some minor spelling problems
   Fixed lighting while tunnelling [dbd]
   Fixed some other lighting problems [dbd]
   Fixed missing attack message for medusa squeeze
   Fixed "hit to hit to burn" and "hit to bite to electrify" messages [dbd]
   Fixed lighting more
   Fixed drinking poison potion message when you resist poison