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Version 2.7.3 was released on 24th February 1995, and made relatively few changes in an attempt to get closer to a stable, bug-free changes. Despite this aim, there /were/ more behind-the-scenes cleanups and changes, such as the introduction of a fractional speed system whereby actions can take less than a turn.

As such, the intended "stable beta" release was pushed back to 2.7.4.

Changelist [*1]


   A new speed/energy system giving fraction-of-turn speeds.
   Direction (number) keys always treated direction keys, even in roguelike mode.
   Changed "learn spells" to give one at a time to priests
   Changed "drop" into "drop here or nearby"
   Character info now goes name, sex, race, class
   Changed the way "walls" are "illuminated"
   Required the "0" key to induce "repeat command"


   Reduced the effect of "NICE" during autorolling
   New main-ibm.c and main-emx.c were installed
   Made several small changes for "Amiga" compilation
   Dungeon.c/command.c cleaned up (fewer screen flushes)
   Cleaned up the "inventory command" processing
   Told savefile to "repair" items using templates
   Rewrote use of "object_level" (might fix some bugs)
   Did some work on the borg (needs less memory now)


   Fixed visual glitch in beam weapon display
   Free action / one ring bug in k_list.txt fixed
   Fixed cost->weight bug in "special artifacts"
   Fixed "map area" bug involving doors that go nowhere
   Fixed some form of bug involving "msg_flag"
   Fixed the "rating boost" in "place_good()"
   Updated "birth.c" and fixed several bugs
   Fixed "light" bugs in pre-2.7.3 savefiles

[*1]: The changelist has been pieced together from newsgroup postings around the time of release - it is unlikely to be complete and may not be accurate.