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Version 2.7.9v2 was released by Ben Harrison on 7th January 1996, as part of a series of six 2.7.9 releases intended to stabilise and clean up the game before the milestone of version 2.8.0.



   The "great" objects (ego-items and artifacts) are now more common.
   Monsters can no longer be summoned, created, or teleported, on top of a glyph of warding.
   The priest prayer "Confuse Creature" was renamed "Scare Monster", and the mage spell "Confusion" was renamed "Confuse Monster".
   The mage spells of the "Resistance" variety are no longer worth as much experience.
   The priest prayers of the "healing" variety now heal more than the corresponding potions (Nd10 vs Nd8).
   Some of the on-line help files and such were updated.
   The "preserve" mode now only preserves "unknown" artifacts.

Bugfixes and maintenance

   Throwing an object no longer causes a SEGV error.
   Bashing non-doors no longer creates open doors.
   The "destroy traps/doors" effects now works.
   The Macintosh "save bug" was squashed by using "absolute" path names.
   Several of the "main-xxx.c", "", and "pref-xxx.prf" files were updated.
   The "main-ibm.c" file absorbed the "main-wat.c" and "main-286.c" files, and uses the new "TERMXTRAFROSH" command for efficiency.
   Some "typos" in various files were fixed.
   The cursor is no longer misplaced in the "choose_sex()" function.
   Several hard-coded numerical constants were replaced by symbolic constants (player race, player class, etc).
   Various functions were optimized.
   The "note_spot()" function is used more often.
   Some "color" glitches in "main-gcu.c" were fixed.
   When the area around the player is "forgotten", for example, by earthquake, darkness, or sunset, and the memorize torch lit grids option is set, the grids near the player are now re-memorized.