Angband 2.7.9v5

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Version 2.7.9v5 was released on 7th March 1996 by Ben Harrison, and consisted of more tweaks, bugfixes and internal code cleanup.



   The "teleport player" spells now act instantaneously.
   You are now correctly notified when you can learn new spells.
   Changing equipment now correctly updates the lite radius.
   The running code has been optimized some more, and now stops next to rubble, and can now take a "maximal run distance" argument.
   Various options have been removed, modified, or moved around.
   The "disturb" options now work "better" with "telepathy".
   The "show uniques" and "show artifacts" no longer crash if the "tmpnam()" function fails. In fact, there is a new "path_temp()" function to acquire a temporary file name, since the standard one seems to fail on many machines. Also, these commands now use the same interface as the "on line help" commands.
   The "request_command()" function is now used in stores, allowing the "keyset" and "command macro" code to work in stores. Using "p" and "s" to "buy" and "sell" in stores is handled by a hack.

Bugfixes and maintenance

   Many of the source files were reorganized for various reasons.
   Several "" files were updated for the new files.
   Some changes were made to the "term.c" package to optimize stuff, and to allow the use of the new "Termpict()" hook in various situations. Most "main-xxx.c" files needed some minor changes, look for "TERMXTRABEVIS", "TERMXTRAINVIS", and "scanevents".
   Creating a new character using a reduced savefile will not clear the "aware" flags on objects. In "playerwipe()" in "birth.c", change "if (kptr->hasflavor) kptr->aware = FALSE" into "k_ptr->aware = FALSE".
   Every call to "getmonnum()" and "getobjnum()" should check for "failure" (a return value of zero), since otherwise, weird things may happen, including the creation of bizarre "player" monsters, and division by zero errors if you "look" at it. These checks must be done AFTER any "global restrictions" are reset.
   The Borg no longer has problems "swapping" his rings.
   Using "angband -n" now correctly loads the old savefile.
   The Cloaks of Aman, Cloaks of Stealth, and Boots of Quiet, should all say "(+X to stealth)" not just "(+X)".