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Version 2.9.1 was released on 25th July 2000 by Robert Rühlmann. It followed a familiar pattern of fixing hosts of bugs and making internal cleanups, such as allowing the limits on numbers of items and monsters to be set in the edit files, making them substantially more useful as a way of altering the game. It also featured UI and platform-specific improvements, and several new vaults.


   Fixed a bug that allowed the player to gain info about unidentified items.
   Changed the default color definition of "light red" so that it doesn't look so similar to "red".
   Added color coded messages and more sound events.
   Allowed the modification of the various *_info.txt limits without recompiling.
   The lib\/data/_info.raw files will be automatically rebuild when the lib\/edit/_info.txt files are changed.
   The monster spoilers and the list of known uniques sort the monsters now.
   Made player races, player history, shop owners, and race-dependent price adjustments customizable (Prfnoff).
   Moved the monster recall information out of the monster race array making room for a lot more monsters (Prfnoff).
   Random item abilities of *identified* items are now displayed in character dumps (Prfnoff).
   Identify and *identify* spells only affect unidentified items now.
   Added a "create artifact" wizard command.
   Added optional, case-insensitive searches (can be toggled with the '!' key).
   Added an "examine / look at item" command to the stores.
   The "examine item" command now shows all known properties of an item, even if it is not *identified*.
   Made artifact activations configurable in a_info.txt (Arcum Dagsson).
   The last 15 messages are now added to the character dump (Prfnoff).
   Reduced the number of option settings printed in character dumps.
   Empty slots in the players inventory or home are no longer printed in character dumps.
   Added a character death menu (Prfnoff and Ed Cogburn).
   Added the ego-item generation patch (Matthias Kurzke).
   The date in the high-scores is now saved with four digit years.
   The "brand bolts" activation of "Cubragol" now allows the user to select which bolts to brand.
   Added 21 new vaults (Chris Weisinger).
   The Resistance spell sets the duration for all temporary resistances to the same value now.
   Fixed a bug that generated wrong item indices for the home in char-dumps.
   The temple will now buy identified blessed blades.
   Fixed a bug that allowed monsters to sometimes get double moves, even if the player is faster.
   Object and message recall are now correctly refreshed.
   Fixed the wizard mode flag display.
   The alter command ('+' and easy_open option) no longer tries to bash down doors.
   Fixed a bug that caused the effect of aggravate monsters scrolls to skip one monster.
   Fixed a bug in the easy-floor option that sometimes displayed wrong labels.
   Prices for identified armor with hit, damage, or armor penalties were wrong.
   Fixed a bug that allowed the player to recall into rubble.
   Screen-dumps are now correctly loaded.
   Fixed a bug in the random artifact generation that sometimes caused random artifacts to change.
   Fixed a bug that erased pseudo-id in shops even if the item was not sold.
   Fixed a wrong message when the player gets killed by poisonous food.
   Random artifact diggers are now in the spoilers.
   Fixed a bug that messed up objects on the floor when modifying them in debug mode.
   The score-penalties are now correctly reset when starting a new character.
   Moved some sound-events so that they are played before the associated message is printed.
   Opening doors is now properly repeated when the easy_alter option is on.
   Modified the monster AI for fleeing monsters a bit.
   Fixed a bug that could cause crashes with very long object descriptions.
   One highscore entry was sometimes not displayed when the current character was part of the highscore list.
   Dumping the options appends to the file now instead of overwriting it.
   Modified the spell-tiles assignments for the 8x8 graphics.
   The 16x16 tile for the Monadic Deva is now correctly displayed.
   The 8x8 tiles for hobbit players are no longer displayed as human warriors.
   Fixed some bugs in the lighting code for 16x16 tiles.
   Saving a character dump prints now a success (or failure) message.
   Trying to destroy an already identified artifact no longer adds the {special} inscription.
   Small modification to the docs.
   Added documentation for the *_info.txt file format.
   Class and race specific *.prf files are now loaded automatically.
   Added Ben's code-cleanups and his rewrite of the "panel" and "overhead map" code.
   Added a workaround for a bug in the optimizer of the GCC compiler.
   Removed several compiler warnings.
   Replaced the makefile.emx with the correct version.
   Added a makefile for cygwin.
   Fixed some problems when compiling Angband without the MONSTERFLOW and/or MONSTERAI options.
   Removed a bug that caused a wrong error message to be displayed when the mask.bmp file in the Windows version was missing.
   Added the IBM pseudo-graphics font.
   Updated the pref files for Acorn and Mac.
   Added Mark Howson's main-ami.c and Musus Umbra's main-acn.c with several other Acorn support files.
   Added newer main-mac.c and graf-mac.prf files that support 16x16 tiles with transparency.
   Closing the main-window of the Win32 version while it's minimized now works correctly.
   The Windows version now supports multiple samples per sound event.
   Added a graphical map to the Windows version.
   Added the newest X11 modules by Ben Harrison and Steven Fuerst.
   The Windows version now lists the current character in the score display.
   Turned on the compile time option that allows players to put an .angband.prf file in their home directory.
   Added gamma correction to the Windows version.