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Version 2.9.3 was released on 7th August 2001 by Robert Rühlmann, and was primarily a bugfixing and code-cleanup release.


   Rogrog the Black Troll resists acid instead of cold.
   Algroths resist poison.
   Moved the player-class info to an external lib/edit/p_class.txt file.
   Unified parts of the *info.txt parsers.
       Improved the error-messages when parsing *info.txt files.
   Examining an item that ignores all elements now shows "It cannot be harmed by the elements." instead of one line for each element.
   Updated the documentation for the lib/edit/*.txt file formats.
   The randart info is now stored in the savefile.
   Various command-line options like wizard- and fiddle-mode are now available from the *.ini file of the Windows version.
   Improved the GTK, X11, and XAW ports.
   The cursor in the X11 and XAW modules is a rectangle, instead of a filled box.
   Made the windows of the XAW module resizable.
   Added Steven Fuerst's X11 projected view (start with -mXPJ where available).
   Potions of life will now restore stats before healing to provide full health even if CON was drained.
   Added the Linux vcsa display driver written by Alexander Malmberg.
   Gave the *_info.txt files more meaningful names.
   The EASY_KNOW flag is no longer hardcoded for various item types.
   Added a workaround for a bug in the Borland compiler for Windows. The game crashed when parsing an lib/edit/*.txt file containing 11 player races.
   Fixed a bug that could cause the random artifacts to be different depending on the used compiler and optimizations.
   Replaced several magic numbers with the proper constants.
   The lesser vault "Planet X" was labeled as greater vault.
   If a custom player race has both an elemental immunity and resistance then only the resistance was shown in the character display grid.
   Fixed a typo in the "bless" spell.
   Ego-items generated in vaults should now be of the proper level.
   Used staircases are now always marked as known when the connected_stairs option is turned on.
   Added a new macro action that stops macro execution when the game is at a prompt, and is ignored otherwise.
   One type of cross shaped rooms was never been generated.
   The error checking when parsing artifact.txt, egoitem.txt, monster.txt, and prace.txt didn't warn about duplicated entries.
   It's now possible to create junk items in wizard mode.
   The easy_open option no longer counts doors under the player when determining which door to close.
   The cheat_know option marked monsters as known even after it was turned off.
   The experience gained from killing monsters was sometimes incorrect after tweaking the maximum experience in wizard mode.
   The spell-info for the mage's fire-bolt spell was used for the stone to mud spell.
   Examining an item in the home displayed the item as if it was identified, even if it wasn't.
   The Windows version didn't exit correctly when starting with a savefile from the command-line.
   Pref files for player races were not loaded automatically.
   Fixed a compile problem in the Windows version when USE_GRAPHICS is turned off.
   The random selection of sound samples in the Windows and DOS version got non-random after a while.
   The message when dropping a known artifact is now something like "You no longer have the Golden Crown of Gondor" instead of "You have no more Golden Crowns of Gondor".
   Finding out that a wand or staff has no charges left didn't update the inventory window.
   Attacks that didn't do any damage could sometimes scare wounded monsters.
   Monsters at 1% of max hps got frightened less often than monsters with 10% hps left.
   The item flag descriptions when tweaking items in wizard mode are now correct.
       Removed the special handling for weapons of Morgul and ammo of backbiting.
   Moved the "Lesser vault" and "Greater vault" strings into the source.
   The getstring() and askforaux() functions now use the 'len' argument as the buffer size instead of the maximum length of the input string.
   Corrected the message when encountering an error while parsing a lib/edit/*.txt file.
   The path_temp() function is no longer compiled if mkstemp() is available.
   Removed a hack for the curses module of some BSD versions.
   Fixed some problems on BSD machines with the ACS macros for the special curses font symbols.
   The *info.txt parsing routines can now be turned off with the ALLOWTEMPLATES #define.
   The *.prf file loading code checks for invalid message colors.
   Fixed the inverted logic for handling tabs in files.
   Changed the title of the 'Known artifacts' list to the more truthful 'Known (or lost) artifacts'.
   Changed the message when looking at un-*id*'ed artifacts/ego-items to "It might have hidden powers.".
   Changed the monster memory info when you have avenged your ancestor to a gender-neutral form.
   The error message "Couldn't allocate bitmap color" in the X11 version displayed an uninitialized colour name.
   Corrected the names of some options in the documentation.
   Fixed some errors in the lsl module, but it's still buggy.
   Improved the autoconf support. The Cygwin compiler is now supported, detection routines for the X11, XAW, and GCU modules have been improved, DESTDIR is now supported, and a workaround for a bug in some versions of the GCC compiler is turned on.
   Cleaned up the source code and some of the Makefiles.