Angband 4.0.4

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Version 4.0.4 included more bugfixes and minor improvements, and was released on Sunday 6 December 2015


   Remove some global variables
   Allow ego types to remove flags from base types
   Make Potions of Resist Poison also cure poison
   Improve pickup of partial stacks
   Disturb on first getting the object feeling
   Minor code improvements


   Stop crashes where use of an object destroys the object
   Let Windows port accept a filename from the command line again
   Speed up inventory/equipment refresh
   Let hit to shatter move the player again
   Stop autoinscriptions preventing object spoiler generation
   Make study indicator work for books on the ground
   Stop status effects happening after the player's death
   Make randart lights keep the original activations
   Make all new randart sets based on the standard artifacts
   Stop animations interfering with the target path
   Allow group monsters to melee the player in open areas again
   Make info for spells like Banish Evil say "power" rather than "dam"