Angband 4.0.5

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Version 4.0.5, intended as the final 4.0.x release, continued the pattern of bugfixes and minor improvements. It and was released on Sunday 17 April 2016.


   Randart diggers always have a digging bonus
   Some improvements to town generation
   Improvements to probing and monster lore
   Improvements to OS X port, including making Command-n bring up window n
   Improvements to object and monster lists
   Make the store names uniform


   Stop properties of examined items from affecting the real player state
   Make the slay cache work
   Prevent attempting to buy when the pack is full
   Fix bug which allowed repeating a purchase after leaving a store
   Make sure chests are ignored correctly
   Fix some message issues
   Fix some monster friends
   Make Windows sound work properly
   Remove flicker in center_player option
   Remove duplicate labels in death info
   Remove help about bashing and jamming doors
   Code improvements to directory paths
   Fix bug where two players temporarily appeared on panel change while running
   Fix subwindow map drawing
   Plug some memory leaks
   Grammatical correction to tombstone
   Stop monster/player/object tiles from disappearing when targeting