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2.5.0-beta was released on 8th December 1993, and was the first release after the legendary Frog-knows release. It marked the start of Charles Swiger's time as Angband maintainer, which lasted around a year and ended with the 2.6.2 release late in 1994.

Charles took over almost by default a version for UNIX that had no ambitions to be a separate game (unlike FAngband, the first variant), at around the time the Angband FTP maintainer was giving up on being able to regain contact with Sean Marsh and so was looking for a new "official" maintainer. This manner of accession to the maintainership was to become a regular feature of Angband's history over the next thirteen years.

His releases at first consisted of very many bugfixes and a gradual flow of new features. Many of the bugfixes and features were taken from suggestions and patches made on the net, or drawn directly from UMoria 5.5, PCAngband 1.3 and FAngband. As a result, many of these features and bugfixes are probably also found on the changelists for the PCAngband releases.


This list of changes from Frog-knows is drawn from the original announcement email


   New lighting
   Resist fear intrinsic added, though not really used anywhere
   Monster fear
   Mana penalty for armour based on weight increased(doesn't seem to change much), and gloves of free action/dexterity don't cause the additional mana penalty
   Artifacts likely to resist enchantment/disenchantment & other attacks
   Monsters can pick up things (but not 'X' getting Slay 'X' weapons, etc)
   If blind then messages change - serious updating
   Redo secondary effects, this was a pain in the butt
   Add y/n to word of recall spells.
   Fireball effects now have differing radii
   More uniques have appropriate escorts
   Destroyed levels added
   Fixed up the artifacts a little (like being frost brand and not RC, etc)
   Added TRBLESSBLADE & TRATTACKSPEED. Ringil is still +1 speed, though.
   Added another resistance to one or two items ala FAngband.
   Defenders & Slay Evil weapons are BLESSBLADE, Slay Undead are HOLDLIFE.
   Prayer penalty for priests not using blessed edged weapons
   Scrolls of acquirement and acquirement auto-identify themselves when used
   Rods immune to lightning
   Cleaned up the display a little
   Add delay timing code so that bolts, etc can be seen
   Can check what artifacts have been generated while not wizard
   Be a little nicer about out-of-depth monsters on the early levels
   Added Moria 5.5 'sleeping dragon' code
   Giant pits added
   Added autoroller from PC code
   Added PCAngband's new speed code
   Added improved look command from PCAngband
   Print amount of gold stolen
   Print object stolen
   The names of the Phial, Star, & Arkenstone change if not identified
   Minimum weight for multiple attack calc reduced from 5 to 3


   Fixed potion identification
   Fixed missing attack for 'kicks you' (mystics)
   Fix up earthquake effects to not destroy artifacts & some other things
   Fixed up naming code a little, also renamed monster descriptions & fixed miscellaneous spelling errors whenever I ran across them
   Vastly more sanity checking in level generation
   More sanity checking in compact_monsters & create/summon monsters
   Player ghost/save bug fixed
   Hopefully reset stats correctly when gaining or losing
   Better messages when an item gets destroyed
   Prevented free bashing from detecting an invisible monster
   Fixed the "you seem to be missing a book" message
   Fixed enlightenment potion
   Revamped enchantment code
   Can't create up staircases on town level
   Dispelling things in sight prints their names and not it/and the converse
   Tweaked self knowledge messages for clarity
   Tweaked death.c and save.c for better messages and prompting