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Welcome to the Angband Live Wiki where you can learn all about the Angband family of roguelike games.

Angband began as a fork of the earlier game Moria (via a rewrite from Pascal to C) and was first released to the public in 1990 as version Originally written to be played on a university mainframe, it was quickly ported to run on PCs. A community approach to development began and spawned some early variants like PsiAngband. After having passed through the hands of several maintainers, Ben Harrison's 2.8.* series of releases were used as the basis of a large number of variants, such as Oangband, Kangband and ZAngband.

The variants have histories of their own, some of the most popular at the time of writing being Sil-Q based on the earlier variant Sil, and FrogComposband, a fork of Composband in turn based on PosChengband, itself being able to trace a convoluted ancestry to ZAngband. Repositories of variants with source available can be found at the Angband Variant Repository, and the Zaimoni variant archive contains source and executables of many variants.

Information here can vary from general game concepts, explanations of different settings and options, advice for players and spoilers on game content.