Angband 2.7.5

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Version 2.7.5 was released on 26th April 1995, and consisted mostly of bugfixes, though it also introduced a "maximize" option for stats along the lines of the stat system introduced in PCAngband 1.4.

Changelist [*1]

   Stat maximize mode introduced as an option.
   Changes to enchanting weapons - you no longer have to be wielding weapons or armour to enchant them (mainly to allow enchantment of arrows).
   Pref file saving and loading added.
   Rewrite of dungeon generation, along with new way of describing grid contents.
   Targeting changes.
   Make listed spell failure rates reflect actual failure rates, and many other bugfixes.

[*1]: The changelist has been pieced together from newsgroup postings around the time of release - it is unlikely to be complete and may not be accurate.