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Version 2.9.2 was released on 12th February 2001 by Robert Rühlmann.


   Fixed several security problems (buffer overflows, tempfile-races, reading files that the player has no permission to read, and incorrect or missing bounds-checking).
   Split the lib/user/ folder into lib/pref/ for the default "pref files" that are distributed with the game, and lib/user/ (or ~/.angband/Angband/ on multi-user systems) for files created by the user.
   Added extra status information (stunned, asleep, ...) when looking at monsters.
   Added context sensitive help to the options screen (press '?' to get info about an option).
   Made the "hitpoint warning" message orange by default, so that it's easier to spot.
   Updated the helpfiles a bit.
   The names of the generated vaults are now displayed when the cheat_room option is turned on.
   Added support for poison branded ego weapons (but no poison branded weapons exist yet).
   The helpfile display now supports links to specific sections of a helpfile.
   The helpfile display, knowledge screen, and message history can now use screens bigger than the default 80x24.
   The dungeon coordinates are now displayed when targeting in wizard mode.
   Improved error-checking for savefile loading and *_info.txt parsing.
   Intrinsic immunities of the player are now displayed in the character sheet.
   The "known uniques" list displays the number of killed uniques.
   Fixed a bug that messed up the description of the "genocide" artifact activation.
   The activation of Avavir works correctly now.
   The Bubbles vault no longer has inaccessible areas.
   Changed the description for experience drain attacks of monsters.
   The random character generation restricts the class to the "legal" choices for the player's race.
   The "word of recall" artifact activation didn't check the ironman option.
   Exiting Angband explicitly frees all allocated memory now.
   Artifacts are now inscribed {indestructible} when the player tries to destroy them and pseudo-id can improve this to {special} or {terrible} later.
   Killing Morgoth will now create a down staircase.
   Increased the variable size for the weight carried by the player to prevent problems with carrying huge amounts of stuff.
   The debug mode command to change the number of items does now properly adjust the weight carried by the player.
   The game is now saved before printing the tombstone, not after. That makes cheating by killing the process a little bit harder.
   The input is now flushed before verifying casting prayers or spells without enough mana to prevent accidental "overcasting".
   Fixed a bug that prevented redefining the keymaps of the number keys from working correctly if the keymap contained another number.
   Fixed a bug that allowed the player to see the flavor of an item in a store when examining it.
   Fixed a bug that sometimes didn't update the maximum player level correctly.
   Made the 'Crown' vault a "Greater vault".
   Marked the 'randomize artifacts' options as "beta".
   Corrected the displayed duration for "essence of speed" and "globe of invulnerability".
   Fixed a bug that could cause the initial offer required when haggling to be wrong.
   Fixed a rare bug that could cause the game to lockup when resting in town for a long time.
   Fixed the formatting of the object spoilers.
   Completely changed the window resizing behaviour in the Windows version.
   Added support to use Angband+APWBorg as a screensaver in Windows.
   Added support for the new version of the Cygwin compiler for Windows.
   Menu entries in the Windows version are now disabled in situations where they don't make sense.
   Fixed a bug in the DOS version that caused midi-file playing to stop after the first song.
   Updated the Amiga files.
   Fixed a compile problem in the Mac version.
   The loading of bitmap files in the X11 version is no longer dependent on the byte-order of the machine.
   Improved the speed of the gamma-correction code in the X11 version.
   Added autoconf support (beta) for Unix/Linux.
   Added a compile time option to prevent users from changing the path to the Angband files.
   Added very basic support for GTK+.
   Exiting the curses version properly cleans up the term now.
   The X11/XAW version starts with only one window by default.