Angband 2.5.8

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2.5.8 was released on 22nd April 1994, as part of Charles Swiger's quickfire 2.5 series, and was considered a beta-test release.


   Artifact display lists now deal with the new artifact names (I missed a case or two) more correctly
   A few more artifact names got their display attributes tweaked
   Monsters that don't move get this remembered, plus some other minor neat monster recall tweaks [dbd]
   Played with bonuses of some cloaks [jk]
   monsters now cast slightly more intelligent spells [dgk]
   added SUPERB critical hit; it's unlikely that people will get many, though.
   critical hit messages now come after the "You hit ." message
   Colluin now resists poison [jk]
   A few more lighting gliches have been fixed [dbd]
   Fixed another shop price bug (thanks [Michael Pope])
   Fixed the equippy chars not turning off correctly
   Fixed a bug displaying scores after deleting old scores
   Incorporated more fixes from UMoria 5.5 Changes, including:
       'Destroy traps' untraps & unlocks chests, not destroys them
       Wliminate searchflag for py.flags.status & PYSEARCH
       Updated haggling routines for the 'sliding scale' for not haggling