Angband 3.3.1

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Angband 3.3.1 was released on 21st September 2011, as a minor update & bugfix release of 3.3.0.


   #1461 Prevent .old and .new being deleted when saving
   #1462 Fix crash when loading a graphics .prf in text mode
   #1487 Prevent spoiler calls messing with everseen info
   #1491 Make "purple uniques" display correctly
   #1498 Update Nomad's 8x16 tileset
   #1506 Stop the hidden level-feeling tiles being displayed by accident
   #1507 Rebalance to-hit vs. AC (so that AC is more useful vs. heavy hitters)
   #1511 Make shift+keypad work in the GTK port
   #1512 Change SIREAD and SIWRITE for Android compatibility
   #1513 Ensure that PDSM can't get the Resistance ego
   #1515 Ensure that devices ID'd by use on unseen monsters provide feedback
   #1516 Prevent excessive monster timed effect durations
   #1517 Increase MAX_ITEMLIST to cope with new ignore/squelch approach
   #1518 Correct logic error in randart slay frequency calc
   #1533 Stop scrolls of light segfaulting on BSD
   9541bb7 Make pref file writing work with setgid installs
   559e486 Save progress towards level feelings
   63de8ad Become aware of mimics after trying to walk into them while afraid
   664de63 Make a mimic on a pile of objects look like a pile
   52a331e Fix buggy earthquake logic
   c2d9fee Make Heroism and Berserk spells grant boldness, like the potions