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Composband is a variant that began as a fork of PosChengband. The name was conceived of as being short for 'Composite Angband' (not 'compost angband' as is popularly assumed) whilst also giving a nod to its predecessor, since one of the main objectives in initial development was to both restore content that had been removed by the PosChengband maintainer in contemporary versions and 'borrow' heavily from the then-forgotten variant Kangband to provide more towns and quests and a fuller world. Many familiar staples of FrogComposband were added during this initial phase of development, such as the Morivant castle quest line, Othrod the Lord of the Orcs, Gertrude the keeper of Witch Wood, the Diamond Dragon and the city of Thalos. Composband re-forked from the first version of FrogComposband, and most of the additions and alterations to Composband since then, such as deeper interactions with Chaos Patrons, a greatly expanded set of prefab rooms which can appear in the dungeon, and a Glacier dungeon with melting walls made of ice are exclusive to this variant, though unambiguously useful changes such as displaying damage/power on devices may be discovered within FrogComposband's options menu.

Composband has the silent distinction of being the first angband variant to allow for an equivalent of DCSS's 'tab' command, by allowing walking with a target. The sequence of commands *t;5 meaning 'Enter target selection, Select this target (nearest by default), take a step, choose the direction of the target' may be mapped to a single key greatly reducing the cognitive load on players who bump attack without consuming ammunition or SP.