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Kangband was a variant created by Ken Wigle which added many of the features which remain popular components of FrogComposband and its predecessors.

Kangband greatly extended the town, adding the various utility buildings such as guildhalls and questgivers, with town and quest layouts specified in text files parsed by the program. Poschengband 6 improved the format of the text files somewhat, but the system was used mostly intact for variants like Zangband and Hengband. Multiple terrain types such as trees, water and lava present in some modern variants were also introduced by Kangband, which generates more varied and atmospheric dungeon levels than most past versions of vanilla Angband. The new terrain types in recent versions of angband are more derivative of Oangband's separate implementation of terrain.

Development was continued through the initial phase of Robert Ruehlman's maintainership of Angband, keeping tandem with the restructuring of elements of the codebase.

Kangband in its last incarnation provides seven towns each with their own unique questline (offering generous rewards for completion), introduced the Kobold race which was later added to mainstream Angband, and includes extra classes like illusionist and druid, as well as some unique monsters.